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Let us introduce you to our family:

We're the Frazier's

Stan, Diane, Andy , Rob and Erin

  Stan and Diane  



Our boys: Rob and Andy



Andy, Erin and Leroy

Leroy 12-2012

Andy & Erin on their wedding day.

Christmas 2011

Christmas gift of a Kawasaki Mule for Diane

Stan, Diane, Erin, Andy, Gizzy, Thumper and Leroy

Knapheide Wagon

Nov 2012





Gizzy                                                                                                           Thumper

John Deere and Fords!!!

Andy and Erin driving the Green Machine

Sunset from our front yard

This is definitely GOD'S Country

Stan combining

Andy driving the tractor pulling a grain cart

Diane's new wheels--Gerty

Our Newest Toy

2007 Bloomer Trailer


We're proud to introduce  you to our way of life!

Hobby Horse Arena is  located in west central Illinois in the heart of farm country. Life is simple here. We work hard and play even harder.  We  feel so blessed to have so many terrific friends that share the love of horses with us. 

 Hobby Horse  is a dream come true for us. We have worked hard to turn what used to be a wheat field into a fun family friendly environment. We welcome you to come visit us, view the horses and even rope a cow or two if you are so inclined. You should bring your own horses to ride  though, as ours are usually occupied . 

 We have always dreamed of having a place to rope right in the back yard, so shortly after building the house and remodeling the 1917 dairy barn into what is now the home to our geldings, a 150 x 300 roping arena was built.( This past summer, we shortened the arena up so that it was less stress on the cattle and horses. We really like the shorter arena alot.) With the help of a few friends, it was constructed one weekend and the roping calves were bought.

Then in 2006, we decided to take the plunge and build our dream barn. We did  research and visited alot of indoor arenas, making note of what we liked and what we didn't like.  We combined it all and came up with an 80 x 200 indoor arena with a return alley and set up for  roping cattle, a balcony which houses a heated office/announcer stand and a viewing area complete with the PICTURE WALL. Down below is another  large heated room for viewing. We have so much fun sharing with all those who come join us. 

In the spring of 2011, and we've just added a 50 x 50 heated shop and a storage shed for the trailers, ect. This is Stan's new hide out, so drop on by, no matter what the weather, there's always someone here to visit and share the news with....


Give us a call or just stop in, we always love to talk horses!

July 4th Firecracker Celebration.

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